ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses

Are you ready to take your entertainment experience to the next level? Well, procuring an excellent virtual reality kit might be an excellent suggestion for your needs. Virtual reality has evolved to become one of the important mainstays of the entertainment industry. This is because the typical feature sets keeps on improving and are just astounding.

To be specific, the conventional virtual reality technology can replicate a given environment, whether artificial or real, and provides a simulation of the user`s physical presence for first-hand interactions with items.

For instance, an excellent virtual reality contrivance can produce a sensory experience which can comprise sensory aspects such as touch, hearing, sight and smell.

For that reason, anyone seeking an excellent VR would have to try the ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses, which not only provides an immersive virtual world experience, but is also compatible with your smartphone as well.


  • Works with Android and iPhones
  • ZZERO VR goggles design
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and adjustable head belt
  • Good quality leather protects nose and face
  • Adjustable focus/pupil distance
  • Removable cover dissipates heat for long-time play
  • Dual windows allow usage of the earphone or headphone
  • Magnet-adsorbed, easy to open and close these 3D glasses


Virtual reality is regarded as one of the best technological innovations of the decade. In fact, as more and more videos, movies, video games and apps are supporting VR, it’s an incredible suggestion to have VR goggles such that you can take your entertainment experience to the next level.

For instance, the plastic in the ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality headset is sturdy, and the padding is soft on the user’s head. When it rests on your head, the VR is so light that moving your head consumes minimal energy.

The soft padding around the eyes, as well as the straps, all contribute to taking your entertainment experience to the next level. The manufacturer of this VR headset further demonstrates their affinity for excellence and obsession for progress by including flaps and moving pieces that are bonded with magnets. The magnets allow the user to detach the VR unit with ease, and are also stable enough to sit in one position, which enhances the viewers experience.

Best of all, it also comes with space for headphones on either side of the headset, which is highly convenient for the user.

This unit also comes with a spring-loaded mechanism that can broaden as the flap is disconnected, and the user can conveniently integrate their smartphone. It also comes with a dual foam square sticker, which cushions the contact points between the flaps and your phone.

This kind of functionality helps prevent the accidental pressing of buttons on the side of the phone. The lenses on this unit are also excellent and work exceptionally well with 3D media. The inclusion of adjustment paddles makes it easy to set up the device even if the phone is not well positioned, or perhaps when the video feed is not clear.

It also comes with a detachable cover on the rear section to allow for heat dissipation. Users will also appreciate that this unit can be adjusted on two planes, which makes it ideal for myopic individuals. The additional adjustment is for the pupil distance such that the user can customize the lenses so that the pupils of the eye are centered in the middle section of each lens for an excellent viewing experience.


While the ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality might be a good unit when it comes to overall performance, it does have some minor drawbacks that are worth taking into account.

The support on the headbands at the back don’t easily bend. Besides that, the front plate, where the phone can be placed, doesn’t seal completely, thereby leading to additional light penetrating, which can damage the signal quality.

One might decide to fix such a complication by using a layer of tape around the device, or by just placing a shirt over the head. More so, this headset also lacks padding on the nose and face area, that lets some light inside during usage.


All things considered, investing in a top quality VR headset is a reasonable investment for anyone. This is because this kind of entertainment is unrivaled and is increasingly becoming a common norm in the realms of the tech world.

Therefore, an excellent suggestion for you would be to try the ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses. They are comfortable and provide easy integration with a smartphone device for convenient functionality.

Not only is this tool an excellent suggestion for adults, but its straightforward and safe design makes it ideal for children as well. Some users have also reported that this VR unit is highly susceptible to falls.


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