Virtual Reality Headset Brands: Are There Any Differences?

Although virtual reality only became popular in the 90s, the concept and the idea of a simulated reality have been in existence for decades. As the years go by, this field has grown leaps and bounds allowing users to use it for a lot more than just viewing images in 3D.

Because of its popularity, more and more companies have started ensuring that the features they add to their own brand of VR headset are well-thought out. These allowed the public to have more options when it comes to choosing what virtual reality headset brands that will fit their needs.

However, with this many virtual reality headset brands available in the market today, are there still any differences between them?

The answer is, yes, there are still a few differences between virtual reality headset brands. It is just a matter of knowing what the overall features or specifications of each brand are and being able to compare those with what you want in your virtual reality headset.

Its Use

One of the main things consumers look for in VR headsets is its usability. How easy to use is it? Is it pre-built? Can you use it out of the box? Can you use with different apps? Is it just for movie watching or can use it for gaming?

The limitations and use of a VR headset is definitely one of the main things you should be looking for in one.

Although most brands will provide you with the basic use of what a VR headset should, it is important to know that not all VR headsets are made equal.

There are definitely some headsets that have limited usability compared to others. Some lack certain features like QR barcode or a magnetic button that allows your headset to be synced up and linked to different apps giving you more use.

There are a few, though, that have all these and more. Some headset brands can provide you with a total gaming and imaging experience.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Just like with any other technology, comfort and ease of use are two important features that can often make or break a VR headset. If it does not sit well on your face, then what is the point of having it?

Nowadays, you will see more and more virtual reality headset brands that pay more attention to how comfortable their headsets are once in place and use.

These brands are now putting extra or thicker padding on their headsets so that users can use the headset for long period of time. This small little feature provides extra comfort in terms of making the headset feel less of a nuisance when placed on the face.

Aside from the paddings and foams, brands are also ensuring that the knobs, buttons and, even the remote control that comes with some headsets, are easier to use.These features allow the user to link it to certain apps for better viewing experience. Aside from these, they make the adjustment settings as easy to use as they can, allowing users to make adjustments on focus, imaging and even pixilation.


Price is definitely one factor that most users look at when shopping around and comparing brands. Although there are definitely some VR headsets that are a lot more inexpensive than most it does not mean that these are low-quality or not as sturdy as the other more expensive ones.

Nowadays, you can find good, reliable, well-designed virtual reality headsets that do not have the hefty price tag attached to it. These headsets are often good alternatives if you are dipping your toes in the virtual reality world.

There are also a handful of VR headsets that will pretty much give you the almost the same features and use of a high-end headset at a lower cost.

However, it is important to note that the more expensive headsets can give you a lot more than your standard headsets.

The visuals, lenses, imaging and even the connectivity to other apps can be way better with these expensive headsets, if you are willing to shell out those bills.


Ultimately, the differences between virtual reality headset brands all comes down to the quality. There are definitely brands that you would rely more when it comes to gadgets than others because they have already established their name.

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