Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality has been in the forefront of technology for the last few years. And with it becoming more accessible to the public, it has provided people with the overall sensory experience when watching a movie or video.

Because of its gaining popularity, more and more companies have been creating different types of headsets to accommodate different types of phones. One of these is the Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset which is made with recyclable materials and is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and features adjustable straps and lenses.


  • Material: made with recyclable ABS environmental materials
  • Wide Compatibility; fits iPhones, Android, Windows phones with a screen size within 4.0 – 6.0 inches
  • FD & OD Adjustment
  • Aspheric optical lens design
  • FOV: HD magnification, 5.2-fold,102-degree view
  • Screen Size Supported: 4.0 inch~6.0 inch
  • Screen Resolution Supported: 720P,1080P


The Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is a sleek, classically designed virtual reality headset. It is designed with good, quality lenses that are large and clear. They are also adjustable which is great to ensure that each would provide you with clear images. With just a turn of a button, you can pretty much adjust the wideness of the lens and the distance so you can view images according to your preference.

This particular virtual reality headset also fits comfortably on the head. It is sturdy and can hold a larger phone well without any stress on the head. The Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset can be quite flexible in terms of how many types of phones it can accommodate. It can fit phones of different sizes which is great if you there are several phones in your household.

It is very comfortable to wear and designed well enough that you can wear it for extended periods of time without any real discomfort. The face pad is made of soft foam so it sits really well on the face.

The adjustable strap of the Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is another feature that makes this particular headset quite comfortable to use. You can easily adjust the straps to find the right fit for your head.


Although the Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is a well-designed headset, it does take a little bit of assembly to build. A few who have reviewed this virtual reality headset found that the resolution, even up to 4k, is not enough to provide you with clear and crisp images.

You can still get good quality images from this headset, but it will not be as clear as you would expect from the same VR headsets available in the market today. Some also found that the images that come out are pixelated which can result to dizziness.

It has no QR code which you need in order to identify your headset when you want to use VR apps. This can be quite frustrating and limiting. However, by choosing the generic headset option of most of the apps available, you can still use the headset with some of these apps.

The Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset also does not have a controller so you need to get this separately. This poses a problem since there is also no magnetic button which can limit its uses. Without the button, you cannot play any games with it so all you can do is watch movies or videos.

Some also found that it is quite difficult to calibrate the Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset. Although you can adjust the lenses, a few who have used this product found that having to manually adjust can be a little bit tricky when in use. Instead of having to make adjustments electronically, you have to do manual adjustments to the lenses.

Although the foam pad on the eye area is comfortable, some found that it is not as sturdy as you would expect it to be. After several uses, the foam would fall off.


The Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is a good option if you are just starting your way into the virtual reality world. It will basically give you a good introduction and overview of what it would feel like to use a VR headset.

There are some concerns regarding lens adjustments and clarity of images it provides.

However, for its price tag and its usability, the Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset is a good alternative to the other more expensive VR headsets available in the market today.

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