Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Review

There are currently more than 100 customer reviews for Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses on Amazon. The headset is indeed a game changer. It makes you understand and feel what you see in HD movies and games.

You don’t need to go to the movies because the glasses bring you big screen thrill to your home. The good thing is that you can watch movies and TV shows from any location. With this headset, you can take advantage of the hundreds of apps and games that are available at Google Play store and Apple App store.

The lenses are enclosed with a magnet adsorbed front cover. You can always remove the cover because it’s not permanently fitted. This is done to ensure that the lenses are not scratched by debris and dirt that accumulates when the glasses are left lying idle for many days.

The face of the headset is fitted with foam to make it comfortable to the user. The glasses has three point straps that are designed to be expandable so that they can be used by users with different needs.


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Supported by different smartphones
  • Portable design
  • Magnet adsorbed front cover


  • Three point adjustable straps
  • Suitable for users with myopia
  • Focal and pupil distance can be changed
  • Padded face
  • Stable adjustment knobs
  • Free game controller


  • No carrying case
  • No Bluetooth remote control


You can’t afford not to have a pair of Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses. With this headset, you’re no longer limited to the confinement of your house. The glasses allow you to enjoy high quality 3D videos and games while you’re on the move.

The headset is made from ABS plastic material to lengthen its lifespan. It can therefore survive from falls and bumps. There are two knobs on the sides of the headset for moving the lens back and forth to match with your sight requirements. You can therefore increase or reduce focal and pupil distance.

Those who are used to wearing prescription glasses can remove them because the view angle varies between 80 to 95 degrees which is also suitable for users with myopia.

The face of the glasses is fitted with foam to avoid straining your nose bridge and the eyes. The headband has three point attachments to make sure the weight is evenly deployed on various parts of your head.


Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is definitely a nice buy. But if you want to look further, there are other headsets that are can be compared to these glasses. Freefly 3D Virtual Reality Headset is your first stop when you’re looking for an alternative. The glasses deploy you to the world of virtual reality while you’re at the comfort of your home.

You can take a virtual tour to different parts of the world. All you have to do is download HD movies and games on your smartphone and you will be good to go. For a start, you can use the headset with any mobile device that runs on iOS, Android and Windows.

The headset is very light which makes it easy to take it with you while travelling.  The glasses have a broad field of view of up to 120 degrees. The face mask is cushioned with soft leather to make the glasses gentle on your skin especially when you use them for many hours. The videos that you watch with this headset remain crystal clear because the lenses have an anti-fog coating.

The glasses come with automatic phone thickness adjuster which increases your field of view even when the phone you’re using is very sleek. The headband is ergonomically designed to have three straps that are adjustable. The package comes with a carrying bag for transporting the headset. A Bluetooth remote control is also included in the deal.

SINST 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is the second alternative.  You will no longer have to hit the theatres to watch movies. This is because you already have a portable big screen. The headset works well with any phone that uses iOS, Android and Windows.

The glasses are suitable for people with myopia of less than 600 degrees. You can therefore use the headset with your prescription glasses still on. But you can also remove them and still get a great view. The face of the glasses is gentle due to soft foam that covers it.

The headset has three point headband that comes with adjustable length. You also fine tune the focal and pupil distance using the knobs on the sides.


Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is the best deal in this ranking. The glasses can never irritate your eyes because their focal and pupil distance can be increased or reduced to create more room. Those that wear spectacles can remove them because the headset offers a wide angle of view. A game controller is included in the package as a gift. The downside is that it lacks a carrying case.

SINST 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is the second best deal in the list.  The headset can be used with various brands of smartphones that run on Android, iOS and Windows. The headset has a padded face to make it comfortable for users that watch TV and play 3D games for many hours. The downside is that the headset lacks Bluetooth remote control and carrying case.

Freefly 3D Virtual Reality Headset is at the bottom of this ranking. The glasses are damn expensive when compared to others in the list. On the other hand, they still rock because they come with a carrying case and Bluetooth remote control. Besides that, the headset has automatic phone thickness adjuster system.

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