LeNest 3D VR Headset Review

With LeNest 3D VR headset, you can enjoy virtual reality from TV and smartphones. The headset has a compact design that make it easy to take it with you when travelling out of town. The glasses are compatible with many smartphones.

The headset supports iPhone, Windows and Android operating systems. Watching HD movies and playing games is pretty simple. Just download your favorite games and apps from Google Play store and Apple App store. You can even stream videos straight from YouTube.

The glasses are suspended on your head via a three point headband. The headband can fit on any head because it’s adjustable. The three points help in offsetting the weight in the forehead and distributing it to different sections. This is done to prevent straining your face, especially the nose bridge.

The face frame is coated with perforated leather to make it comfortable. You can therefore watch HD movies and play games for many hours without straining. The pupil distance and focal distance can be reset using the knobs on the sides of the headset.

The lenses are shielded by a removable magnet adsorbed front cover.


  • Compact design
  • Supports iOS, Windows and Android
  • Adjustable three point headband
  • Magnet adsorbed front cover


  • Three knobs for setting focal and pupil distance
  • Perforated leather face
  • Ideal for users with myopia
  • Anti-distortion lens
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cheap


  • Bluetooth remote control not included
  • No carrying case


You just have to get your hands on the LeNest 3D VR headset to get a lifetime experience. You will be deeply immersed in movies and games like never before. With these 3D glasses, there is no limit to how long you can play games and watch popular TV shows.

The face of the headset feels comfortable because it’s covered with soft leather. For users that have myopia condition, the glasses provide a viewing angle of 95 to 100 degrees. You can therefore remove your spectacles while using the headset.

On the other hand, you can opt to wear them on top of your spectacles because they are big. The headset is very economical because the headband can be adjusted to be used by a different person. The headset is actually light on the head because the headband has three points.

The lenses are always free from dust and debris due to the magnet adsorbed front cover. The cover can be removed when the headset is being used. The glasses are compatible with a wide array of smartphones that run on iOS, Android and Windows.


There are other headsets that are in the same league with LeNest 3D VR headset. Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses is the first alternative. No matter where you are, the headset is your ultimate entertainment companion.

You can play games, watch TV shows and get apps using your smartphone and dive into the world of virtual reality. The headset is constructed from ABS plastic which makes it very durable. The headset has foam on the face mask to avoid irritating your face. The glasses are worn on the head via three point straps. The straps are adjustable and hence can be used by different people stress free.

The weight of the glasses doesn’t weigh much on your forehead because the straps deploy the weight to different parts. The straps are also padded to enable you remain glued to the screen for many hours.

The focal and pupil distance are regulated using the knobs on the sides and at the top of the headset. Those that wear prescription glasses have not been left out. Such users are recommended to put on contact lenses because they can be paired with this headset.

The safety of your contact lenses is guaranteed by the roomy compartment of the glasses. The headset supports smartphones that use iOS, Android and Windows.

Linkcool 3D Virtual Reality Headset is the second alternative. The headset gives you the best of virtual reality. With these glasses, you can watch movies and play games from the comfort of your home.

Simply connect your handset to the internet and get access to thousands of apps and movies. You can stream videos from any location without necessarily sitting in front of a big screen.  The headset comes with a T-shaped headband. The glasses can be used by people with varied needs because the straps are adjustable.

The face of the glasses is cushioned with foam to avoid straining the eyes and nose bridge. The headset is therefore ideal for users that watch TV and play games for many hours. There is an ample eye allowance thanks to the adjustable focal and pupil distance. He headset functions well when used with devices that run on Windows, iOS and Android.


Total credit goes to the LeNest 3D VR headset. The glasses come with magnet adsorbed front cover for protecting the lens from dirt and debris. The headset is a perfect deal for users who suffer from myopia. The focal distance and pupil distance can be changed to match with the preference of the user. The downside is that it lacks a carrying case and a Bluetooth remote control.

Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses is the second best deal in the list. The headset can be used together with contact lenses. The headset comes with three point headband that can be adjusted to cater for the needs of various users. The face is coated with soft material to make it gentle on nose bridge and the eyes. The downside is that he package doesn’t include a carrying case.

Linkcool 3D Virtual Reality Headset is the least best deal in this ranking. The glasses lack a front cover for shielding the lenses. However, the headset is worth trying because it’s made from high quality plastic material. The headset is compatible with devices that run on iOS, Android and Windows.

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