Latest Virtual Reality

Although virtual reality has been talked about for many years now, there are new products available to purchase that are quite exciting. They can allow you to see many different things in virtual reality, or VR.

There are movies, games, and other interactive experiences to take advantage of, and you can do it from the privacy of your own home. Here are some of the latest products and developments when it comes to virtual reality.

New Headsets

Some of the most exciting news about virtual reality to come out recently is the new headsets. There are a few top of the line headsets that have hit the market lately and there are even more to come. They will be coming out and improving on other ideas for a long time, so the top companies can start ironing out the kinks and getting the technology to work even better.

The newest headset that people are talking about is the HTV Vive. This is an exciting headset, especially for people that are into gaming. However, there is a lot that goes into it. It is a complete headset, but you’ll also need to buy other peripherals to use it properly.

For example, it needs controllers to be able to work and you also need a good gaming computer to be able to run games in conjunction with it. It’s also designed to be used in a room and not just sitting down in a chair in front of your computer. You’ll need a lot of space.

Another headset that is mentioned a lot is the Oculus Rift. This headset integrates vision and hearing in the headpiece, so you will get a really immersive experience. It is the original headset that people were talking about, even before the product came out. The bad news is that the Rift is hard to get your hands on because there aren’t a lot of places to purchase it from, and people that ordered them before production are just now receiving them.

There are also headsets coming out for the latest gaming consoles, so even if you aren’t a PC gamer, you are covered. These headsets will be easier to use, but may not look as good as those that are made to be used with a computer, in terms of resolution. However, since consoles already come with controllers and cameras, you likely won’t have to buy a bunch of extra equipment.

For people that don’t have a lot of money to purchase an inclusive headset, there are less expensive sets that you set a smart phone into. They typically can be used with the latest smart phones, as they have to have a certain pixel density to work well.

Then you can simply calibrate it to your needs and play games. This allows you to game from a computer or through simple Android games, so it’s easier for anyone to use, even children.


If you’re interested in adopting virtual reality technology, the first place to look is online. You’ll need to evaluate what you want to do with your virtual reality gear, so you’ll know what type you want to purchase. This will also help you get a good look at the price tags, and see which ones are available in your price range. Some are quite expensive, mainly because they are using the top technology available.

Read reviews and articles online to hear from people that have used these sets in their homes. They will tell you what they are suited to do, if they are comfortable, and how your eyes feel after you use them. Keep in mind, when a screen is that close to your face, it may trigger nausea or other things because you aren’t used to it.

Additionally, if you aren’t used to virtual reality, it can cause you to feel ill or dizzy, especially if the headset is not adjusted properly or you wear it too long. You also need to be sure that you can wear your glasses with the headset if you need them. If you’re looking into a headset that works with your smart phone, you’ll also need to be sure that your cell phone is compatible with the model you choose. Most of them are for phones that have at least a 5 inch screen, which is standard on most of the newest phones.

The most important thing to remember is to not get so into the virtual reality that you forget where you are. While it’s designed to immerse you into a game or movie, you don’t want to end up hurting yourself or someone else when there is suspense or danger.

That means either playing in a room by yourself, or making sure you are far enough away from everyone else that you won’t hurt anyone or anything. You don’t want to be swinging your arms and accidentally hit your computer monitor or television.

Don’t be afraid to take your time deciding. There are new items coming out every day. A good rule of thumb is to choose the headset that you can afford, and one that goes with whatever electronics you are on the most. If you are mainly on your cell phone, choose one that works best with Android.

If you are on your computer more, then you’ll want something that excels at PC gaming. Ask your friends and family for suggestions as well, since many people know things about VR, even if you don’t think that they would.


Virtual reality is one of the most popular types of technology out there right now. It has been talked about for many years, but the headsets being made now are the things that were recently the stuff of fairy tales. Now there are many types to choose from, with more and more expected to be released in the near future. When you do a little research, you’ll find there is one that is just right for you, and it will be fun to use.

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