How Virtual Reality Works

The latest technologies have afforded the world many different exciting things that people can use in their personal lives, as well as in their business activities. From using mobile phones to pay for a movie or a candy bar, to taking a small computer device with them to track where an individual is going and where they have been, there are so many unique things that can be done with the use of the latest and most advanced technologies in the US as well as abroad.

There are some technical advances that tend to apply to entertainment only, since people are using it to play games on the internet with others, or on their personal computers in a solo environment. Whatever the situation, the kind of technology that is being referenced is called virtual reality.

Virtual reality is currently being used for a wide variety of different things today, in addition to playing PlayStation games; it is being used for a number of useful purposes including taking virtual tours of college campuses or apartment buildings, taking trips through history so people can get a feel of what was really going on at that time, experiencing skiing down the slopes, marketing innovative campaigns for a business and a host of other activities that people want to explore in a virtual reality setting.

Regardless of the situation or the circumstances, for those of you who are interested in this technology and how it works, here’s a brief explanation in a layman’s terms that people can understand.Gives people a feeling of being in the simulated environment instead of their real-world setting

First of all, it is important to note that the user of the virtual reality device is in a different kind of environment instead of their real physical world. Simply put, the feeling that the virtual reality technology gives, is being in a simulated environment instead of the one that they are actually sitting in.

For example, if an individual is given VR glasses to put on their eyes, they are usually sitting a chair in their living room or bedroom. Even though this is the case, when they put on VR glasses, they will begin to feel as if they are walking through a forest or another simulated environment that has already been pre-determined by the software applications that they are using (i.e. PlayStation, online apps etc.).

Interactive Capabilities Incorporated

After the individual recognizes that they are in another kind of setting instead of a chair in their home, the next step that explains how this technology actually works involves the use of being placed in a position of responding interactively.

For instance, the individual may find themselves behind the wheel of a race car, driving down the track that is filled with obstacles that they must navigate around.

In fact, the feeling of this drive appears to be real so they may begin to move up and down and around to drive through the curves that are set before them.

If the person does not know how to navigate the race car correctly, they may drive into a virtual wall or fall over a virtual hill and that part of the game will be over. All of this is designed to keep a person in a state of continuous virtual reality that really appears to be scary and real.

Being Immersed in the Virtual Reality World

In some cases, the person may not be in a race car or a fast paced environment, however, they can still be immersed in an interactive situation.

For instance, the individual may take a tour of a home, an apartment building or a college campus.

Either way, the tours that they take will provide them with the experience of them walking from room to room to see the furnishings and overall condition.

When this is the situation, the experiences feel live and people will have an opportunity to actually decide, in this immersive world, if the place that they are viewing will fit their specific needs. However, it is also important to note that the reality of this person has not been altered, but the person is really a spectator watching the different scenes based on their perception.

Device used to Initiate the Virtual Reality Experience – Headsets

Learning how these experiences are being instigated is one of the essential keys to understanding how virtual reality works. There is at least one other piece of information that the people should know about.

One of the most important features involves the physical tools and equipment needed and used to create the overall experience. This involves the use of headsets that the person wears over their eyes. These headsets include virtual reality glasses that people look through that help with providing the experience.

The technology used in these kinds of devices is called stereoscopic display. Stereoscopic displays are designed to help people to see things in 3D. Even though 3D displays are used, this is not the only part of the technology that’s required to create this experience.

This is because another part of this technology involves tracking eye movement, while allowing the images to change with the individual’s perspective. For example, when an individual moves their head or eyes to the left, they can view objects on the left and they will feel as if these items are also very close to them.

Virtual reality and sound

Besides vision, there is an additional part of the puzzle that helps create a total virtual reality experience, and that involves the use of sound. Therefore, as the person begins to move around in their virtual reality world, they will also hear the appropriate sounds that go along with the scene.

For instance, if an individual opens up a door or shuts it, they would hear the sounds of the door opening and shutting with the actual activity being done.


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