HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset Review

With the HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset, you can watch movies from any location which makes it very convenient. All you need is a smartphone and the headset. Once you have downloaded any film from the internet, you can start watching it immediately.

The headset therefore saves you from the hustle of having to travel to the nearest theater because it brings big screen experience to your home. The headset simply turns your fantasies into reality.

The headset is fastened on the head using straps that are adjustable lengths so that it can be used by different people. The parts that cover your eyes are coated with a thick layer of foam to avoid straining your face.

Even the part that rests on top of your nose is heavily padded. You can therefore watch movies and play games for many hours and not suffer any strains on your face or head.


  • Real 360° videos
  • Apps on ITunes App Store and Google Play store
  • Easy to use
  • Customized theater
  • Wide compatibility


  • Soft sponge casing
  • Adjustable focal and pupil distance
  • Flexible headband
  • Compact design
  • Spacious to accommodate regular glasses


  • No carrier case
  • Not compatible with LG 4G & Nexus
  • Expensive


HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset is an exceptional gadget. The headset lets you make multiple virtual tours from the comfort of your home. The headset is supported by many smartphones which makes it very convenient for watching movies while on the go. Simply download movies and start experiencing virtual reality.

You can access many games and apps from Google play store and Apple App store.

The headset can be worn by anyone because the headband is adjustable. You can wear the headset for long and not strain your eyes because it comes with adjustable focal distance and pupil distance. The frame of the headset is covered with a soft sponge material to avoid irritating your skin.


If you’re not satisfied with HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset, you can try other deals in the market. Akally 3D VR Headset is the first alternative. For a start, the package comes with 1 year warranty which gives you peace of mind because you can return it if it develops any technical problem.

The glasses feature an elegant outlook with a durable casing that’s constructed from ABS plastic. The frame of the face has thick padding to make sure the headset is comfortable to wear. You can therefore be sure that you will  never strain your nose bridge even if you wear the glasses for many hours.

The same case applies to your forehead due to the fact that the headset is fitted with three straps for distributing its weight evenly on your head. In fact, the straps are designed to be adjustable so that they can fit on any head.

If you wear prescription glasses, you don’t have to remove them when watching HD movies. The headset has a spacious compartment that can accommodate your regular glasses. The high resin lenses are protected by a magnet adsorbed cover. The cover is actually removable.

The headset is a perfect match for Android, iOS and Microsoft devices that are in the range of 4.7 to 6 inches. The focal distance and pupil distance can be increased or reduced to your desired level.

The headset can therefore be used by short and long sighted people. With this headset, you don’t need a TV because you can source HD movies right from the internet and watch them on your phone.

Besides that, you have unlimited access to hundreds of games and apps from Apple App store and Google Play store. You can also take virtual tours on online stores at the touch of a button.

The other alternative is Airsspu 3D Virtual Reality Headset. The glasses are fitted with dials for setting the focal distance and pupil distance. The headset is ideal for both short and long sighted users.

For those that can’t see without spectacles, these glasses can fit perfectly over the regular glasses. The eye mask is coated with foam to make it gentle on your eyes and nose bridge.  The headset comes  with a front cover that is magnet adsorbed.

The cover can be removed to allow air to circulate inside the glasses. The headset features three straps that are padded and adjustable. The glasses are supported by iPhone, Android and Windows devices. A bluetooth remote is included in the package for handsfree operation.


HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset is the overall best deal in this list. The headset is gentle on your eyes because it has adjustable focal and pupil distance. Moreover, it’s comfortable due to the fact that it’s fitted with soft foam. The three straps are one size-fits-all due to their flexibility. The downside is that the headset is expensive and lacks a front cover.

Akally 3D VR Headset is the second best deal based on price. The glasses are cheap and come with a magnet adsorbed front cover that’s also removable. You can increase or reduce the focal distance and the pupil distance so that you don’t strain your eyes. The downside is that the headset lacks  carrier case.

Airsspu 3D Virtual Reality Headset is definitely at the bottom of this ranking. The headset comes with a bluetooth remote control. The edges of the glasses are coated with soft leather to make them comfortable. You can wear them on top of prescription glasses because they are wide enough. The downside is that the package does not include a carrying case.

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