BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the most popular form of technological entertainment on the market. Videogames, movies, and many other formats of enjoyment for people are among the ways this new technology has come into development. The virtual world offers many different ways to have fun and be creative, now better than ever before.

Headsets can now change your everyday smartphone into a virtual world. Once thought of as a far-fetched invention, virtual reality is now flooding the entertainment industry as one of the leading advancements.

One of the top-rated headsets available today is the BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset. The immersive experience it offers is one-of-a-kind and provides optimum comfort, viewing, and gaming needs. The product is also being offered at a fantastic price and has quickly become one of the most competitive virtual reality headsets on the market.


The BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset offers a variety of features, including, but not limited to:

  • 55mm-75mm pupil distance adjust
  • Above 1080p screen resolution
  • Android and iOS support
  • 8 Layers of nano-coated lenses for eye protection
  • 5″-6″ compatible phone sizes
  • Padding for skin and facial comfort
  • Adjustable wearing straps
  • Optional nose pieces
  • Hole vents for heat maintenance
  • Magnetic lock for phone protection


There are several reasons why the BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset is ideal for all different types of users. One of the main features that sets it apart from other virtual reality gear is the comfort level.


With leather padding at the front and back of the product, where there is the most contact with the skin, the user can wear the headset for longer periods of time without the discomfort experienced from other models that are similar.


There is also a wide range of focal adjustment options for the user. It is capable of adjusting between 55mm and 75mm for pupil focus. This is a great feature to have and can adjust to many different types of eyesight.

For other types of adjustments, the headset is capable of adjusting to different head sizes. This means that both children and adults can use the same product. It is also extremely durable, which is great for those who use this with their children.

The BlitzWolf headset offers thousands of different movies and games in virtual reality which can be accessed through Google Play and the Apple Store for hundreds of different experiences. The options offered from these apps can feel like the user is experiencing a movie in IMAX.

The device also offers the capability to experience 360 degree photos and videos, as well as social networking and newscasts. For the great price of this headset, there are hundreds of features offered through partner apps that put this device at the top of the list for best virtual reality headsets.


Although there are many positive aspects about this product, the BlitzWolf does have some downfalls. It allows for a great range of adjustments, however, if you are a user who wears glasses, it already fits tightly. It may be difficult to wear glasses and the headset at the same time, but this should not pose too much of a problem.

The lenses offer eye protection and good quality, however, the screen and overall immersive experience could be slightly better. The wide angle and surrounding atmosphere intended through Virtual Reality is just not all there with this product. It can sometimes feel like you are watching television in a dark space. A wider angle view would be beneficial to this product.

There is a headphone option for this headset, however, it seems to choose when it wants to work and when it doesn’t. A more consistent listening option would be best and could drastically enhance the overall experience.


Overall, the BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset gives you the complete Virtual Reality immersive experience for just a fraction of the price of some similar brands. It is lightweight and very durable, making it worth every penny you spend on it.

Offering hundreds of different ways to watch movies, play games, and much more, makes the product feel more expensive than it is. It has a wide range of different screen sizes and adjustments for different types of smartphones and people alike.

Compared to earlier versions in virtual reality, this one has proven to be one of the most advanced and affordable in the industry. There are a few downfalls to the device and if you are new to the world of virtual reality, then this is the perfect product to introduce you to it. It is comfortable and there are few glitches in the making of the headset.

The negatives of this product are not, however, enough to make this a bad product. For such a great price, this virtual reality headset offers everything you could want and more.

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