5 Great Virtual Reality Uses

It’s not uncommon for people to make the statement, “there is nothing like being there.” While this may be true, the latest technologies are making it possible for certain dreams to come true without an individual stepping out of their home, their work office or neighborhood theater.

Regardless of the venue, virtual reality technology can be used for a wide spectrum of things including taking us to the unknown via a simulated real-world setting. Even though virtual reality technology can be seen in all kinds of gaming systems today, gaming systems are not the only reasons for using this kind of technology.

Here is a brief look at this new technology and how it is being used in a variety of different ways.

Used for Students and their College Tours

When an individual has made their decision to attend college, there are many different things that they will need to do in order to make the appropriate preparations.

One of the most basic is choosing a college in the US or abroad that they want to attend to complete their studies.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options available to students who are interested in getting their college degree. However, when an individual has a large list that they want to drill down through to get to the one that will best fit their needs, they may not have the time or finances to take a tour of all of the college campuses that they are interested in.

Also, if the college campus is located across the country and it is too expensive to take the trip, they may not have an opportunity to see the college until the day they actually move on campus or attend their first class.

To avoid these situations, college students do not have to travel to each college campus anymore, especially since they can take advantage of virtual reality tours. From having an opportunity to view the dorms at a college a student is interested in, to being guided through the university to view where every department is located, these virtual tours are ideal for people who may be working with limited funds and time.

Walk through History

Many times people may have a difficult time picturing what things in the old days were like, unless they have a great imagination.

For those who may have a difficult time reading about history and picturing the scenes, there are some options today that can help an individual with making a more direct connection.

In fact, this kind of process can be done by those who are interested in telling the story via virtual reality setting. Therefore, when this information has been gathered and used in a virtual reality setting, people will have an opportunity to walk through the specific parts of history they are interested in.

For example, there is an app available online that allows its users to travel back in time through London’s history. During these tours, people will have a chance to tour at least 3 iconic landmarks. One of the most notable includes the Trafalgar Square, which has been designed to be an eye-opening experience and reminder of all of the scary terrors that occurred during the Second World War.

Take a Sleigh ride at Christmas Time

With the use of virtual reality technology, people will get a chance to do a lot of fun things, even those that no one thought were possible until such time as this.

So, for people who want to be more adventurous, but also prefer to remain safe at all times, VR experiences are great for a variety of different purposes.

For instance, in some situations, people were encouraged to take a sleigh ride during Christmas time. This opportunity was provided by Coco Cola since they are responsible for the design and the use of this app.

In fact, thousands of people in Poland had this awesome experience with Santa Claus and his fun roller-coaster ride.

Market a Company’s Brand and Products

In addition to taking a ride with Santa Claus during the Christmas season, there are additional ways to use the latest virtual reality technology. Based on the company and their specific needs, virtual reality can be used as excellent marketing tools and advertisement strategies.

For instance, because McDonalds is well known for having a large audience all over the globe, they are considered to be legendary for their marketing techniques and strategies.

With this in mind, they were selected as a prime company for launching a new promotional strategy that incorporated the use of virtual reality technology. The primary objective and goal in these promotions were to promote the company’s Happy Meal boxes in a different manner to keep their audiences further engaged.

This marketing strategy is being done by repurposing its happy meals as “Happy Goggles.” In fact, the way it’s being done, most people will see it as being rather cool as well as a great form of extra entertainment.

The campaign will be deployed in Sweden since they are targeted as the first trial run for their McDonald’s Cardboard VR Headset. In this case, the goggles will be used to sport a Swedish recreational holiday that focuses around skiing.

The Future and Nanotech VR

Even though the use of virtual reality technology can be found in a number of different fun things to do, innovators in the technical and business worlds are not stopping here. In fact, there have been conversations about using VR in nanotechnology—simply stated, these industries are thinking about combining VR with nanotechnology, which will allow people to push beyond certain boundaries like the human body, while they begin to enter into the digital world.

A person will become one with the virtual environment that they have set up. For instance, the human brain will be uploaded into a network or a computer system. If it sounds like science fiction, we hope that it remains there.


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