5 Great Virtual Reality Uses That You’ve Never Heard Of

For what used to be a fantasy in shows like The Jetsons, virtual reality is, well, a reality. It’s estimated that the VR industry is going to jump from 2017’s 14.1 billion dollar market to an over 209 billion dollar market in just 5 years.

But what’s so great about virtual reality? Many people think it’s only for video games and entertainment, which isn’t true. There’s a wide variety of virtual reality uses that span from healthcare to courtrooms.

Let’s look at 5 VR applications you might not have heard before.

1. Space Training

Training to go to space is difficult seeing as there’s no way to experience space unless you’re there. Or is there?

VR can train astronauts how to walk in space, how to repair/manage ships, how to work in zero gravity, and more. VR gives them an entirely immersive experience that other training methods can’t, which makes them better prepared for life in space.

2. Reduce Pain

One of the biggest healthcare applications of VR is reducing pain. One study showed that patients using a VR headset during dental procedures felt less pain than those who didn’t.

VR can also be used to help people with phantom limb pain. A VR program will simulate a limb for the patient that they can move and use as though they still have them limb, which can ease pain.

3. Crime Scene Evaluation

At trials, most juries are told to visualize the crime scene via verbal descriptions, drawings, pictures, and 3D video models.

But what if juries could feel like they’re physically at the crime scene? This is possible with virtual reality. This can help them better understand the crime scene and visualize the crime that occurred, which can make their final decision more accurate and reliable.

4. Medical Training

Medical students and doctors who need practice often practice on cadavers. However, when learning complex procedures, this can be hard and not simulate what it will be like to work with a live patient.

Virtual reality can make medical training as realistic as possible without endangering the lives of “real” patients. Students can perform surgeries and practice techniques safely through virtual reality programs.

5. Anxiety Relief

We know we said that virtual reality isn’t all about games, but hear us out on this one. There’s a game that exists for the sole purpose of helping people calm down while they’re having anxiety or panic attacks.

Virtual reality can also be used as a treatment method for anxiety disorders like PTSD and OCD.

Virtual Reality Uses: Wrapping Up

Virtual reality isn’t just a way to play video games (even though that it a great application of VR). Virtual reality is changing how we handle health care, the law, employee training programs, and more.

These are just 5 of the hundreds of virtual reality uses out there. VR is taking over so many industries; it’s exciting to see where it will go next.

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